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Investor Relations Advisory Group

The objective of the Investor Relations Advisory Group is to represent the industry to fund providers both in the UK and internationally, in order to ensure an adequate flow of capital into the UK private equity industry and to encourage best practice.

The BVCA Governance Handbook provides directors, members and employees of the BVCA with a summary of our governance structure. This includes information on how our Council, Committees and Advisory Groups are constituted and is supplementary to the Articles of Association.

Activities and Advisory Group Members

  • Working to make the industry more accessible to investors by further improving the annual Performance Measurement Survey and the transparency of all BVCA publications
  • Building and improving relationships with suppliers of capital globally
  • Co-ordinating investor relations executives from member firms to meet and to share views and best practice
  • Playing an educational and promotional role to help broaden the understanding of the industry by its investor and prospective investor communities
Further information


 +44 (0)20 7492 0400