Member Engagement Advisory Group

Ensuring that the BVCA continues to provide high quality and professional services to its members, acting as a focus group for member engagement, training and events. The advisory group focuses on the following areas:

  • Member engagement; where it seeks to improve engagement with BVCA membership, and provide advice to the executive in relation to member recruitment and retention;
  • Training; where it seeks to ensure courses support the development of individual competence and continue to develop according to the regulatory requirements within member firms;
  • Events; where it advises the executive to ensure commercial events meet the needs of BVCA members; and
  • Corporate development; where it provides guidance to the executive in relation to any new planned commercial endeavours

The terms of reference for our Council, Committees and Advisory Groups are included in the BVCA Governance Handbook. The Handbook provides directors, members and employees of the BVCA with a summary of our governance structure and supplements the Articles of Association.

Activities and Advisory Group Members


  • Accessing the membership services requirements of member firms and advising the BVCA accordingly
  • Ensuring all BVCA training courses are of the highest standard, remain relevant and are taught by top industry professionals
  • Working with all BVCA sector committees to ensure all BVCA events are of the highest quality and enhance networking opportunities, strengthening the BVCA profile and our industry with all key stakeholders

Advisory Group Members

Andrew Craig, Chair
Maven Capital Partners

Daniel Green,
DWS Private Equity

Farah Buckley,

Ian Sale,
HSBC Bank Plc

Julian Viggars, 
Mercia Fund Managers

Malcolm MacDougall,
Stephenson Harwood

Rahul Satsangi,

Rob Williams,