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BVCA & Impetus Partnership

About Impetus

Impetus transforms the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by ensuring they get the right support to succeed in school, in work and in life.

Impetus works with corporate partners and donors from private equity and the associated industries. Donors have the opportunity to volunteer with Impetus’s partner charities, contribute pro bono expertise, and attend fundraising events in support of Impetus’s mission.

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The BVCA is fundraising for Impetus at throughout our National Dinner Series. More information about all events in the series can be found here. You can donate to Impetus via their JustGiving page using the button below.

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Principles and objectives

  • The BVCA supports Impetus, as its sole umbrella charity for events, by raising awareness of its work and underlying nationwide charities to the private equity and venture capital industry.

  • Through the support of the BVCA and greater awareness generated within the industry, Impetus will benefit from the opportunity to foster new partnerships, supporters and donors from within the industry.

  • Together, both organisations will be in a stronger position to demonstrate the potential social impact of a philanthropic model that stems from the private equity and venture capital industry itself.

  • With the support of the BVCA and wider private equity and venture capital industry, Impetus will be in a stronger position to fulfil its mission and find solutions to the key issues facing disadvantaged young people in the UK.

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Impetus and the BVCA are together working to harness the wealth, ingenuity and power of private equity and venture capital to transform young lives by:

  • Providing awareness and leading the industry in social and economic impact and giving
  • Backing the best nationwide charities giving the right support to disadvantaged young people to succeed in school, in work, in life
  • To provide equal opportunities in school, work and life for young people regardless of background.
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