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Coronavirus Updates

Last updated: December 2021
During the coronavirus outbreak, the number one priority has been the health and safety of the country. The BVCA has taken its own measures to protect its staff, and we are committed to supporting our members and their portfolio companies.

Our broad approach is summarised in our Statement of Best Practice. The key element of our approach has been to maintain a close ongoing dialogue with our members on the one hand, and with the relevant policy makers on the other.

Ongoing conversations with our members

The BVCA reached out to members via surveys and direct conversations to gather feedback on the impact of COVID-19 on their firms and portfolio companies. We used this feedback to provide a significant amount of written evidence to HM Treasury and Government departments on how the various support measures and mechanisms were working for firms and their portfolio companies, and how they could be improved.

We also hosted a series of webinars for our members about the broader UK private equity and venture capital industry response to COVID-19, and how the BVCA has been supporting its members and their portfolio companies during the pandemic.

Ongoing conversations with the Government and regulators

The BVCA worked with a wide variety of Government and regulatory stakeholders during 2020 and 2021 to ensure different aspects of the Government response to COVID-19 were designed in a way that supported portfolio companies effectively. This work covered a broad range of policy areas, including the following:

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