BVCA Guide to Intellectual Property

The BVCA's Guide to Intellectual Property aims to provide an overview of how approaches to intellectual property (IP) are changing in this digital era.

The value of IP and related intangibles are an important part of a company’s corporate narrative and should be considered during M&A transactions. This guide aims to raise awareness of IP in private equity and venture capital transactions, explores why IP is critical for start-ups and provides a summary of key terminology.

This guide has been prepared with the support of Aon and written for private equity and venture capital professionals to raise awareness of:

  • How to use IP analytics to identify potential acquisition or investment candidates
  • Why IP due diligence on investment targets should include a qualitative assessment and a review of the IP landscape
  • How IP protection can create enterprise value for portfolio companies
  • How IP risk can be managed
  • How IP can be the source of non-dilutive capital preserving value to founders and early investors
  • Why it’s crucial to articulate the IP narrative and position IP as a value driver during series funding and at exit

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