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Private Capital in London - BVCA Factsheet

Publish Date 28 Feb 2024
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The BVCA’s London factsheet highlights the important contribution private capital makes towards the nation’s economy and prosperity.

The London factsheet reveals that private equity and venture capital firms deployed £15.5 billion into companies in London in 2022. This investment directly supports 753,000 jobs, equivalent to 35% of total UK jobs backed by private capital and a 21% increase since 2021.

Key findings for London include:

  • 94% of private capital’s investments in London were in small and medium-sized businesses.
  • £2.3billion invested - London received the highest number of venture capital investment in the UK with 530 companies receiving vital venture investment.
  • £9.85 billion GDP contribution of PE and VC firms in London
  • London-based Tech businesses received £7.6 billion investment in 2022, across 403 companies.

The factsheet also includes a selection of case studies – exciting companies in London supported by private capital.

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