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Women in Private Equity 2018

Publish Date 25 May 2018
Author Anonymous
Categories Diversity & Inclusion

The BVCA and Level 20 are delighted to launch the first report on the number of women working in the private equity industry.

This research provides a robust and valuable data set that highlights the lack of gender diversity in senior investment roles. The pipeline, however, is promising and we will continue to work with the industry to improve on these results over the coming years.

In December 2017 the BVCA and Level 20 reached out to 178 private equity firms with a presence in the UK to share with us the composition of their pan-European teams.

The purpose of this study was to create a dataset that would not only allow us to measure gender diversity in the industry, but also examine the type of roles women have and their seniority.

The study collected and amalgamated data on circa 5,000 employees working in private equity as at January 2018, thus providing one of the most comprehensive views of the industry.

Breaking down the figures by position and seniority we see that 6% of senior investment team roles are held by women. To gain a deeper understanding of the drivers behind this figure, and gender diversity within private equity as a whole, a number of focus groups were held to foster discussion and recommendations to increase female representation at all levels. This active participation by firms, the greater representation of women at junior levels, and the work of Level 20 and the BVCA has created optimism within the private equity industry.

The BVCA and Level 20 would like to thank all the firms and individuals who participated in the study and the focus groups.

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