Investing with Integrity 2020
Published 15 Sep 2021

The BVCA is delighted to announce the release of its Annual Report on Investment Activity, titled “Investing with Integrity: Supporting businesses through the pandemic”.

Using data and case studies from across our membership, we have been able to tell a compelling story of private equity and venture capital in 2020, how the industry responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and supported businesses and jobs right across the UK.

In what is the country’s largest primary research survey of its kind, we also shine a light on the key sectors for investment last year, the UK’s attractiveness as a place to raise funds and how private equity and venture capital can take businesses to the next level.

Some key findings from this year’s report include:

  • BVCA members now support more than 5,000 businesses – responsible for over 1 million jobs – right across the United Kingdom, with 1,300 of these businesses receiving funding in 2020.

  • Almost 90% of the businesses receiving private equity or venture capital support last year were small or medium sized – employing 250 or fewer people.

  • Our members invested in a record number of firms outside of London in 2020. More than 860, or 66% of all businesses that received backing, were not headquartered in the capital, making it clear that private equity and venture capital are driving prosperity right all over country.

  • BVCA members invested £25.1bn globally last year, with £9.5bn – or more than one third – finding its way into UK businesses.

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