Information Security

The loss or theft of sensitive or valuable information can have a damaging impact on you, your organisation, your portfolio companies or indeed your investors/LPs.

Information breaches result from both internal and external actions and may be deliberate or accidental. The threat posed by cyber-crime alone to the security of information is growing and constantly evolving; it is estimated that the global cost of cyber-crime is anywhere between £200bn and £350bn annually, the cost to the UK is somewhere between £20-35bn.

This programme provides an overview of the key risks and threats to information security and actions that can be taken to protect and safeguard information. Information security and data protection are intrinsically linked, we recommend that you also undertake the Data Protection course alongside this programme.

Information Security e-Learning Course

Programme and Key features

Programme content

  • Introduction to information security – the foundations
  • Working securely
  • Identifying and avoiding threats

Key features

  • Easy to use online delivery method
  • Individual log-ins allowing delegates to complete the training around their schedule or within company allocated timeframes (the course typically takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete)
  • Content written in a practical and engaging style
  • Comprehensive coverage of the key aspects of information security
  • Examples to support a full understanding of this topic
  • 3 modules with questions to test the understanding of the material (an 80% passmark is required)

BVCA e-Learning Guidance

Please ensure to press the “finish” button at the end of the courses to gain your score and certificate.

We recommend that you complete the courses on a PC/Laptop for optimal use.

We recommend that you complete the course on the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers.

Purchase course
  • Above cost is per licence lastING 12 months
Target audience
  • The course content is suitable for any business professional, from support TEAMS through to senior management, with a focus on the investment community.
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