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Publish Date 17 Nov 2023
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As an Emerging Manager, we have been moving at pace to build our company since being established in 2020. We have been fortunate to be able to walk in the footsteps of many leading venture capital firms and within such a strong ecosystem.

We are firm believers that the UK is well positioned for innovation to continue to thrive. As investors in early-stage startups we invest at the cutting edge of technologies which are enabling businesses to harness growth in areas such as new payment technologies (where the UK is a leader in Open Banking), carbon data tracking using embedded finance, or gradual home ownership. These category creating companies underpin the creation of new jobs and contribute to a thriving private sector. We are also witnessing the recycling of capital and talent as the venture capital sector matures.

The BVCA has been very helpful to us as an Emerging Manager with their conferences and events. In particular, the ability to present or join a panel at their Emerging Manager Summit is something we would recommend to aspiring managers. Meeting and networking with other GPs and connecting with LPs provides invaluable insight to newer firms such as ourselves.

The BVCA continues to do excellent work with the Venture Capital Investment Compact (VCIC) where it has been working with HM Treasury since the announcement of the Mansion House Compact in July 2023. This commitment from DC pension schemes to unlisted equities will be an important driver for venture capital and growth equity, as the industry continues to grow, and we are strong advocates.

The work the BVCA does to signpost best practice such as the ESG_VC framework is important for the industry as we all seek to implement measures for our ESG objectives, throughout the growth journey from Seed to Growth. The sooner we can assist companies in fixing their objectives, the more engrained it can become in company culture and the easier it will be to attract growth capital.

We are more than excited about what the future holds, with large swathes of innovation coming through the implementation of AI through to the transition to a Net Zero economy.



Authored by Marcus Love
General Partner, Love Ventures

Love Ventures is an early stage investor focussing on FinTech, Future of Work and ConsumerTech at Seed to Series A. Founded in 2020, the company has backed 21 companies and is entrepreneur driven with community as its core. For more information, please visit www.loveventures.co.uk.

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