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Private capital’s UK trade body puts transformative role of industry at heart of rebrand

Publish Date 1 Mar 2022
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The British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA) catalyses its digital evolution to support its members more effectively.

The UK association representing both private equity and venture capital has put the transformative role of the industry at the heart of its rebrand, it announced today.

Unveiling the initial stages of its digital evolution with a new brand and refreshed website, the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA) explained that its members’ needs and their mission to build a better future for the UK were driving factors behind the change.

Private capital drives growth – providing the funding, expertise and long-term view that enables companies to innovate and flourish. This is reflected in the early stages of the BVCA’s ongoing transformation through its new user-centric website, contemporary and inspirational branding, authentic imagery, and fresh colour palette.

Private capital has evolved considerably across the last decade and the BVCA’s rebrand reflects the step change in today’s industry as well as the organisation’s role within it. Both the economic and social value – for example, its development of new, robust sustainability and diversity goals – were key considerations for the BVCA during the rebrand.

BVCA Director General, Michael Moore, said:

“Our brand is changing to reflect a changing world. It captures the shared vision of our industry to help UK businesses deliver growth, foster innovation, and inspire people. We believe that our new brand captures both our mission and the industry’s vision successfully.

“As the voice of private equity and venture capital, we wanted our new brand to epitomise the goals of our members, the long-term support they provide for UK businesses and the value, both economic and social, this support brings to the UK.”

The BVCA was first established in 1983 and has been the industry body and public policy advocate for the private equity and venture capital industry in the UK for almost four decades.

Its membership comprises more than 750 businesses, including over 325 private equity and venture capital firms , as well as institutional investors, professional advisers, service providers and international associations.

This is the first time the BVCA has updated its brand since 2012.

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