Key insights from our LGBTQ+ Reception

Publish Date 27 Jun 2022
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Last week we held our LGBTQ+ Reception in London on 22 June 2022. As part of the discussion, our panellists explored key LGBTQ+ issues in the industry, sharing their experiences and best practice. Some of the key takeouts from the event can be found below:

  • Employee networks, allies and role models within the industry are hugely important if firms want to create safe environment where LGBTQ+ colleagues feel they can be open and accepted.

  • It is important to see senior Executive team leaders head up employee networks as this promotes a companywide culture of a more inclusive workplace.

  • Being an ally and leading by example is more important than simply attending events or knowing someone who is LGBTQ+. We all need to apply the correct language (often a case of using ‘they/them’ for non-binary colleagues), challenge colleagues who may say something that is offensive to the LGBTQ+ community and implementing policies that help inclusivity.

  • Firms should be mentioning their D&I initiatives to candidates either during the interview stages or within a job application. It should not be left to the candidate to ask.

  • Cinven (represented by Morten Siggaard as a speaker) have created D&I champions for each area of D&I. The name, photo and contact details of each champion is shared as part of their onboarding process.

  • It is recommended that firms promote “Proud Employers” to attract more members of the community and actively communicate with candidates on their D&I policies.

  • Effective use of language especially pronouns in the working environment to help members of the community feel included.

  • The need for senior members of staff to show/demonstrate support actively within their organisations. Managing partners and partners to have two D&I goals as a minimum.

  • Organisations would benefit from having internship programmes and budding system for underrepresented people to help boost inclusivity.

  • There is growing interest in company policy to include parental leave. The only area of difficulty for more global firms is the cultural nuances in different countries in relation to pregnancy and care of a new-born.

  • Companies to include D&I policies and representation in the due diligence phase in an investment portfolio.

The BVCA 2021 D&I report which included both qualitative and qualitative focus groups, reveals some useful recommendations and reports on data exploring D&I in the private capital industry. The BVCA will be running a follow up of this programme in the coming year.
Recommendations include:

  • Reviewing and enhancing recruitment processes to attract more women and diverse people from different backgrounds to join the industry. It encourages firms to start the recruitment process earlier and look wider to attract a broader spectrum of people to the industry.

  • Developing people of all genders and backgrounds so that they stay within the industry and build successful careers ensuring retention and progression. This support should be tailored to the individual and could include mentoring and ensuring fair allocation of resources and opportunities. Supporting people outside work as well as within it is important, for example through robust family policies.

  • To build a more inclusive culture, the principles of inclusion need to be embedded within appraisals, leadership training, the approach to team management, affinity networks, social activities, discrimination and harassment policies, inclusive office environments and much more.

  • Read the 2021 report

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