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About us

The British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA) is the voice of private capital in the UK.

We are the industry body and public policy advocate for the private equity and venture capital industry in the UK. We have been acting on behalf of this community for almost 40 years, enabling it to uphold its vision and achieve its goals. We actively represent this diverse community of long-term investors enabling them to speak with one clear and consistent voice to wider society, including the Government, media and MPs.

The BVCA engages, sustains, and evolves the private capital community. Connecting institutional investors, fund managers, companies, advisers and service providers. Our membership comprises more than 700 influential firms, including over 325 private equity and venture capital firms, 100 institutional investors and 220 professional services firms.

Our members help companies grow and achieve their long-term ambitions, creating value for the country, economically and socially. Private capital helps create the jobs of the future in high-growth sectors like biotech, software and clean energy and it helps to attract investment and talent from around the world to the UK.

From creating medicines to protect us against Covid-19, to backing innovative companies in their quest to find solutions to our low-carbon future, private capital also plays a critical role in addressing the future challenges we face as a society.

Together we are invested in a better future.
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Our mission

Private capital drives growth: providing the capital, expertise and long-term view that enables companies to innovate and flourish. Our mission is to communicate and advocate the transformative nature of the private equity and venture capital community. In short, private capital.

We act on behalf of our members to engage and educate key audiences about the vital role played by private capital in business growth, transformation and innovation and the benefits this brings to life across the UK. Our diverse membership invests in UK businesses of all sizes to help them deliver growth, foster innovation, and inspire people.

The BVCA is the focal point for this diverse industry. We provide a community for our members to network, share best-practice and develop, and a unified voice to promote the benefits to the wider world.

We have shared goals with our members and we aim to deliver with excellence, expertise and influence.

We are committed to supporting our members in building a better future for the UK across business and society.

We are invested in growth
We are invested in innovation
We are invested in people

We are invested in a better future

Our history

The BVCA, like the industry it represents, has changed immeasurably since its foundation in 1983, as the industry has contributed significantly to the success of the British economy.

Since our founding in 1983 the private equity and venture capital industry has been transformed from an emerging industry into part of the mainstream economy - making Britain one of the leading centres for private equity in the world.

In the early eighties, the BVCA's primary objective was to secure recognition from the government and policy organisations. Today, Government and policymakers seek our opinion on a wide range of issues - regulatory, fiscal, technical and legal - as the BVCA has become a leading and respected voice representing a world-class industry.

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Our values

Be Responsible – means delivering on our commitments and acting with integrity and authenticity with all stakeholders.

Be Influential – means using our expertise to create value for our members by representing the industry and investing in our people to learn and grow.

Be Collaborative – means working together to exceed expectations in an inclusive and open way where every individual feels valued, respected and supported.

Be Passionate – means constantly striving to deliver our best and encouraging those around us to do the same, while embracing and responding to the opportunities that change brings.

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For further information please contact the BVCA via: +44 (0)20 7492 0400