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BVCA Council

Charged with the responsibility for the oversight of the strategy and management of the affairs of the BVCA.
The Council is comprised of representatives of Members and Associate Members of the BVCA from a cross section of the industry, including investors and advisers. The Council’s core remit is defined by the principle objectives below.

The membership of the Council and three Council committees can be found below. The terms of reference for our Council, Committees and Advisory Groups are included in the BVCA Governance Handbook. The Handbook provides directors, members and employees of the BVCA with a summary of our governance structure and supplements the Articles of Association.

Principal objectives

1. To promote to investors the case for investing in UK private equity and venture capital
The BVCA will continue the debate with and provide education to fund providers such as pension funds and insurers. We will continue to work with the NAPF, ABI and others to demonstrate the superior returns from private equity and venture capital and thus the case for higher allocations. We are constantly reviewing our annual statistics and ways to improve further their coverage.
2. To influence public policy

We continue to press the Government at every level to encourage the entrepreneurial culture on which our industry depends. We regard the continued success of the All Party Private Equity Group as evidence of the excellent progress we are making towards recognition of our industry as a key contributor to the UK economy. We will extend our efforts into Europe to ensure the voice of UK private equity is heard when decisions are taken which impact on our industry.

3. To raise further the awareness of the economic benefits of private equity and venture capital

Our survey of the Economic Impact of Private Equity clearly demonstrates the economic benefits, including enhanced productivity, that private equity disciplines bring across the whole range of opportunities our industry backs. We will continue to research the economic impact of private equity and venture capital on the UK economy and disseminate that research to key opinion formers.

4. To influence and work with regulatory and professional bodies and lawmakers to create an appropriate framework for the private equity and venture capital industry

The BVCA has, through its Regulatory Committee, worked extensively with the FSA/FCA through numerous consultation papers and discussions. We have made and continue to make representations on a number of issues both with the FSA/FCA and with the EC which is becoming an increasingly important area.

5. To provide services relevant to our members and to communicate effectively with them

The BVCA has always regarded its membership as being the firms operating within the industry. The regulatory environment is focusing much more on individuals rather than firms, as is training and competence and, possibly in the future, continuing professional development. We are working to improve our communication with firms but also with the individual practitioners and professionals. We have expanded our database extensively and are using enhanced technology to improve our communications.

6. To promote diversity within our industry and support firms to build inclusive environments in which everyone can thrive.

The BVCA promotes the participation of people from all socioeconomic backgrounds and of all ethnicities, genders and sexual orientation in the venture capital and private equity industry. This includes representation in investment and senior roles. Learn more here.



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