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Growth Capital Forum

The Growth Capital Forum represents the interests of the BVCA’s mid-market members who invest primarily in mid-market deals, including buyouts, buy-ins and growth capital.

The forum's objective is to facilitate open and effective communication between the BVCA and its member firms and to proactively support the BVCA in engaging with Government and other external stakeholders.

The BVCA Governance Handbook provides directors, members and employees of the BVCA with a summary of our governance structure. This includes information on how our Council, Committees and Advisory Groups are constituted and is supplementary to the Articles of Association.

Activities and Forum Members

  • Representing the interests of this segment of the BVCA’s membership when liaising with Government, regulatory authorities or other parties
  • Campaigning for a range of tax reliefs to be extended to private equity/venture capital-backed companies as they impact these sizes of transactions
  • Monitoring, influencing and responding to Government policies and other initiatives that affect the mid-market
  • Communicating with and/or advising the BVCA's Technical Committees on matters that affect this segment of the industry
  • Conducting or recommending research, training, communications activity or events that the BVCA should undertake to support this segment of the membership
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