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Regulatory Committee

The objective of the committee is to serve all members with a view to keeping them abreast of current regulatory issues. The committee seeks to ensure that the role of the private equity and venture capital industry in the context of financial services regulation is understood and accommodated by Government and the EU as well as by the regulators.

The BVCA Governance Handbook provides directors, members and employees of the BVCA with a summary of our governance structure. This includes information on how our Council, Committees and Advisory Groups are constituted and is supplementary to the Articles of Association.

Activities and Committee Members

  • Responding to consultation exercises; monitoring and seeking to influence important changes in the regulatory environment
  • Engaging with the institutions of the European Union to ensure BVCA members have a voice in European issues and are kept abreast of relevant issues
  • Keeping members, and also specifically compliance officers, informed of regulatory developments
  • Providing an interface between the FCA and the industry
Further information


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