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Taxation Committee

The Taxation Committee represents the interests of members of the private equity and venture capital industry in taxation matters.

Activities and Committee Members

  • Maintaining dialogue with HM Revenue & Customs, Government ministers and officials to ensure members’ interests are reflected in any changes made to tax policy
  • Responding to relevant Government consultations on issues affecting the industry
  • Working with HM Revenue & Customs to ensure that the Memoranda of Understanding on managers’ shares and carried interest arrangements function in accordance with the industry’s needs
  • Working to ensure members’ interests are reflected in Budget consultations
  • Working to ensure any reviews of specific tax areas, such as VAT and debt interest deductibility, take into account the requirements and circumstances of the industry
Building dialogue with the Treasury, HMRC, other Government departments and other policy influencers to ensure that the industry is represented in any changes to taxation policy that could affect it.

The BVCA Governance Handbook provides directors, members and employees of the BVCA with a summary of our governance structure. This includes information on how our Council, Committees and Advisory Groups are constituted and is supplementary to the Articles of Association.
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