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2020 brought with it a set of unparalleled challenges, for the economy, for business, and, not least, for the country’s workforce.

And as the grip of the pandemic grew tighter, how we work changed almost overnight. Some found themselves working from home. Others found their work paused, followed by transition onto the furlough scheme. Regrettably, some have found themselves without work at all.

The vaccine is, of course, cause for celebration but it is just one of many monumental efforts to return us to the steady footing from which our country can build back better.

Back2Work is a prime example of a company that has risen to the challenge of helping at a time of need. Having provided coaching and training for over a decade, the team identified a genuine responsibility to provide support in the current climate and help the increasing number of people looking to re-skill and find alternative employment. In just a fortnight, the business evolved from training 800 people a month in classrooms to complete online delivery.

And this has had an incredible impact. Since March 2020 Back2Work has Consumer products Back2Work delivered training to over 7,500 job seekers with around 63% returning to employment, including the placement of around 600 people into non-medical NHS roles to support their capacity.

This piqued the interest of private equity firm Palatine, who used their dedicated Impact Fund, which supports businesses making a positive impact on society, to invest in Back2Work in October 2020.

Their immediate guidance and investment in management structure, IT systems and growth strategy has strengthened Back2Work internally and, in turn, improved the resources and delivery for learners.

For example, Back2Work has been able to rapidly respond to the shift towards a digital economy and the need for related skills. The company now offers training on a variety of digital programmes such as digital marketer and digital support technician, alongside existing courses in health and social care, construction and logistics.

Further expansion is on their mind. The demand for training spans the nation and, closely aligned in their ESG ethos, Back2Work and Palatine stand ready to deliver.

“Since launching the business in 2011 Back2Work has always strived to deliver services that create a lasting impact, on the wellbeing, living standards and economic and environmental sustainability of the communities that we serve.”

Luke Muscat, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Back2Work
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