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Hawksmoor is the operator of twelve premium steak restaurants, seven of which are in London, as well as one in Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Dublin, and New York. Established in 2006 by two entrepreneurs, it has since built a strong reputation for serving consistently high-quality food and providing outstanding customer service.

Hawksmoor have been on a journey to ‘create something special’ from the very beginning. For the people who work at Hawksmoor, for their customers, farmers and producers, for their communities, for the environment and for the people whose lives are improved by their chosen charity partners. Hawksmoor is a carbon neutral restaurant group and have a Net Zero target of 2030. Hawksmoor also have an efficient waste and recycling programme, with active engagement across the supply chain to drive ESG and value improvements, e.g., all their UK beef farms have committed to reach net zero by 2040. In 2022, Hawksmoor became a certified B Corp, a globally recognised indicator they are moving in the right direction with environmental and social metrics and have subsequently joined a select group of only ~20 other B Corp restaurants around the world.

As an investor, Graphite is committed to keeping ESG fully embedded within their investment strategy and to maintaining it as a core part of their identity. Graphite assisted Hawksmoor management with identifying ESG KPIs, targets, and a set of metrics to measure and manage ESG. Graphite Capital ensure these metrics are reviewed regularly at board meetings and that management allocates sufficient resource to continue to meet targets and improve on all aspects of ESG.

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