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Neurovalens is a medical device company with the vision to create technology designed to tackle the rapidly increasing global epidemics of metabolic and neurological disease. Current projects include non-invasive technology designed to treat a wide range of diseases by delivering electrical stimulation to deep parts of the brain.

What did the business need?

Neurovalens needed funding in order to develop the technology and scale the business. The early-stage investment and guidance would support Neurovalens to through medical trials and navigate regulatory approvals.

What lasting value did PE/VC investment bring?

IQ Capital’s investment helped Neurovalens scale the business and advance technology to the next stage of trials. The non-invasive technology, created in collaboration with the University of California, San Diego, is currently at a Phase 3 stage in the treatment areas for Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity.

Future growth plans

Neurovalens has a primary focus on multiple US FDA approvals and aims to have their technology available on prescription later in 2021, addressing four global epidemics including obesity, insomnia, anxiety, and Type 2 diabetes.

“IQ Capital realised this potential and, by providing early-stage investment, allowed Neurovalens to rapidly move into the areas of Phase 3 trials and Regulatory Approvals.

“Without IQ Capital’s support, Neurovalens would not have been able to scale so quickly into the globally-recognised medical device company that it is today.”

Jason McKeown, CEO, Neurovalens
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