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Nova Pangaea Technologies

Nova Pangaea Technologies (NPT), based at Wilton International, Redcar in the Tees Valley, is leading the way to enable decarbonisation across sectors like transport and industry.

ESG in North East England

Through its proprietary technology (REFNOVA), NPT converts biomass such as forestry and agricultural residues into sustainable sugars and biochar.

The sugars can be fermented into bioethanol that is used as a drop in for sustainable aviation fuels, and the biochar replaces coke within sectors such as the steel industry to create green steel and is considered carbon neutral. When the biochar is used as a soil enhancer for agricultural purposes, it is also considered a carbon capture and delivers carbon negative.

NPT received investment in 2017, with a total of £1.25m having been invested by Edinburgh-based Par Equity over the last four years.

Par Equity has a particular focus on companies that solve considerable scientific challenges and its investment and business support – alongside funding from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund (NPIF) and Cambridge Angels – enabled NPT to increase headcount by 45% in 2020. Furthermore, it allowed NPT the ability to continue to enhance its technology.

In Aug 2021, Nova Pangaea was one of eight winners who were chosen to take part in the Department for Transport (DfT) Green Fuels Green Skies project.

NPT has partnered with British Airways and LanzaJet (Project Speedbird) to deliver 113 million litres of sustainable aviation fuels in the UK. Project Speedbird is halfway through the feasibility study, which began in October 2021, will conclude in 2022.

“Without the ongoing commitment from our current investors, it would have been extremely difficult to deliver the technical and commercial traction thus far. The investment from Par Equity supports the next phase of our commercial strategy which is the scale-out of our existing plant to commercial production, right here on Teesside. This will showcase Teesside as a global leader in industrial decarbonization, something which is only achievable if we continue an alignment of private and public sector investment in net zero enablers like Nova Pangaea Technologies.”

Sarah Ellerby, CEO, Nova Pangaea Technologies
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