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Rosemont Pharmaceuticals

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals, based in Leeds, is Europe’s leading liquid pharmaceuticals business. For more than 50 years it has produced liquid medicines for patients suffering with swallowing difficulties, both in the UK and around the world.

Sector focus: pharmaceuticals

The business was originally part of a US-listed manufacturer of consumer healthcare products, however, an approach from the private equity firm, Inflexion, saw Rosemont purchased from its former owner in June 2020.

Rosemont was not for sale, but Inflexion saw a business that could flourish through independence. Reinvestment into Rosemont from its parent company had not been a priority, leaving a large number of opportunities in the market for liquid prescription drugs unexplored. With funding and support from Inflexion, it was clear Rosemont could deliver rapid growth worldwide.

Upon investment, Inflexion was able to manage a smooth departure from its parent company, supporting the business with new finance and IT systems in the immediate term.

They also helped hire new senior managers to lead a rapidly expanding team (headcount is now at 277, up from 206) as well as resetting the company’s mission and values. In 2022 Rosemont unveiled a new state-of-the-art R&D facility at its site in Leeds, which the company aims to build into a global centre of excellence.

Rosemont has also already made several strategic acquisitions, and the company has drawn on Inflexion’s expertise in executing these deals, with its first transaction closing in 2021.

These changes have supercharged Rosemont’s growth. In the last year alone, sales are up 49%, exports have expanded into four new international markets and new product development has solved a previously unmet patient need.

Its future growth plans are ambitious, too. Together, Inflexion and Rosemont will look to grow the portfolio of liquid pharmaceuticals internationally, take on more staff and increase the size of the business through further acquisitions.

“Inflexion brings a number of strengths to our business, especially a challenging mindset stimulating management to think about being more ambitious. They are agile but approachable. We knew what we wanted to achieve with business, it was just being given the playing field to actually bring it to life, and the Inflexion relationship has allowed us to do that.”

Howard Taylor, CEO, Rosemont Pharmaceuticals
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