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Edinburgh based pureLiFi uses light to transmit data rather than conventional radio frequency systems such as WiFi and 5G. By harnessing the light spectrum LiFi is able to provide more reliable wireless communications with unparalleled security.

Relocation to the nation

The Scottish National Investment Bank invested £10 million in pureLiFi in July 2022 to allow the firm to further develop new technologies while opening up additional markets in areas such as mobile phones, tablets, wearables and other connected devices. The investment aligns with the Bank’s mission to invest in innovation and industries of the future, creating high value jobs in world class businesses.

LiFi is complementary to WiFi technology, offering transformationally improved performance. Additionally, when WiFi and LiFi work together the users across both technologies experience greatly improved connectivity, as LiFi also makes WiFi better.

The number of connected devices in the average home has more than doubled in the past two years. As more devices connect to struggling home WiFi networks, bandwidth is split, interference increases and response times slow for everyone.

Alistair Banham, Chief Executive Officer at pureLiFi said: “The Bank’s investment will help us achieve our vision to connect everyone and everything with pureLiFi. We introduced our technology to the world from Scotland and it is important for us to grow our company here. In the future we aim to create a centre for LiFi excellence in Edinburgh and also feed into the wider photonics ecosystem that already exists.”

Jimmy Williamson, Executive Director - Sustainable Investment at Scottish National Investment Bank said: "Through its patient capital investment the Bank is investing in highly skilled research and development jobs in Scotland and endorsing pureLiFi’s vision to create a centre of excellence of LiFi.”

"LiFi solves the biggest challenges faced by current wireless communications technologies by decreasing congestion, improving security and quality of connection.”
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