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The BVCA is the voice of private capital in the UK. We act on behalf of our members to engage and educate key audiences about the vital role played by private capital in business growth, transformation and innovation and the benefits this brings to life across the UK.

The BVCA is the focal point for this diverse industry. We provide a community for our members to network and share best-practice and a unified voice to promote the benefits to the wider world.

We are committed to supporting our members in building a better future for the UK across business and society. We have shared goals with our members and we aim to deliver with excellence, expertise and influence.

The BVCA’s representative work is focused on private equity and venture capital fund managers aligned with our code of conduct. Agreement to abide by our code of conduct is a condition of membership. For members with different or additional investment strategies, our representative work only covers their private equity and venture capital strategies that are aligned with our code of conduct, subject to limited exceptions that may be agreed from time to time by the Council of the BVCA.
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How will membership support you?

1. Shape the environment in which you operate

We focus on maintaining and shaping your licence to operate by engaging with politicians and policymakers in a rapidly evolving and complex policy and technical environment.

2. Represent the value you bring to the UK: for growth, innovation, and people

Your licence to operate depends on how well what you do is understood by the wider world. We demonstrate the social and economic value the industry provides to the UK and beyond, with the support of facts, figures and case studies provided by our members.

3. Plan the future of your business in a changing world

Your operations and investments are dependent on understanding how a range of different areas are changing: including policy, investment trends and operational trends. We provide you with the insight and opportunity to share knowledge with peers, keeping you on top of developments and helping you to minimise risk.

4. Raise your profile and develop your organisations’ network

With over 700 member organisations, representing over 16,000 individuals, you can engage in a specialist network to develop relationships, work together and exchange insights. Since the BVCA began, this network has led to invaluable fundraising and deal connections. There are opportunities to raise your profile too, with speaking opportunities for LPs and GPs, and sponsored speaking opportunities for other members.

5. Be best in class with our learning and development programmes

Your team can benefit from our highly respected and renowned classroom and digital training courses at special rates for members. Our course directors include senior industry professionals. You also have access to our compliance e-learning training, and bespoke in-house training. Our Learning and Development team can help you plan development for your talent.

One ecosystem working for all

Every investor and every service provider at every stage of investment contributes to the development of an industry that drives innovation, growth and change across the UK and beyond. BVCA membership caters to the whole ecosystem while providing benefits to each component of the ecosystem, from early-stage venture capital to large private equity.

Wherever your place in the industry is, the BVCA caters to you.

Choose your membership

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