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Direct Investors

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Direct investors are defined as institutional investors including family offices whose core private equity strategy is direct investing in corporate entities, rather than fund investing.

The BVCA welcomes direct investors with £20m+ invested in European private equity and venture capital.

Joining the BVCA

All BVCA membership applicants must be actively involved in private equity and venture capital, be of good standing in the private equity and venture capital community and agree to abide by the BVCA Member Code of Conduct and the BVCA Terms & Conditions.

Direct Investor application form

Membership fees

European Fund Under Management* 
12 month fee 
Up to £100m** £4,550.00
£100m to £300m £6,850.00
£300m to £500m £9,800.00
£500m to £750m £13,550.00
£750m to £2bn £22,500.00
Over £2bn £30,000.00

*Definition of 'Funds Under Management'

'Funds Under Management' for direct investors is calculated as your European direct assets under management.

**Unregulated direct investors

Unregulated direct investors with £20m-£100m invested in private equity and venture capital require a written reference from a BVCA member, who is authorized by the FCA, (or an equivalent regulatory body), at partner level or above. The BVCA can request additional references, if required.
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