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Impact investors are defined as investors who explicitly seek to generate social or environment returns in addition to financial returns, and who measure and report on that impact to their investors and stakeholders.

The BVCA is a strong promoter of impact investment: we host annual events on the sector and we are supported by a dedicated advisory group.

Joining the BVCA

All BVCA membership applicants must be actively involved in private equity and venture capital, be of good standing in the private equity and venture capital community and agree to abide by the BVCA Member Code of Conduct and the BVCA Terms & Conditions.

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Membership fees

European Funds Under Management* 
12 month fee 
Up to £10m  £800.00
£10m to £25m £1,550.00
£25m to £50m
£50m to £100m
£100m to £200m £5,900.00
Over £200m £7,300.00


*Definition of 'Funds Under Management'

The total of funds available to fund managers for future European investments (dry powder) plus the amount of funds already invested in Europe (at cost) and not yet divested. It does not include the uncalled capital post investment period.

In the event that you do not invest in Europe but have an investment team in the UK then the funds available to your UK investment team, and invested by the team would apply.
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