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Joining the BVCA

The BVCA represents some 100 LP members today, of which around 25 are third-party fund managers. Through their membership, LPs are jointly addressing areas important to them and GPs, such as improving performance measurement, responsible investment, benchmarking, reporting, governance, co-investment, regulation and due diligence. By encouraging the collaboration of LPs and GPs to work together and by providing the platform to do so, our LP Committee and other committees are continually focusing on areas of key importance to institutional investors.

All BVCA membership applicants must be actively involved in private equity and venture capital, be of good standing in the private equity and venture capital community and agree to abide by the BVCA Member Code of Conduct and the BVCA Terms & Conditions.


Membership Fee
European Funds Under Management* 
12 month fee 
Up to £100m  £3,525 
£100m to £300m  £5,275 
£300m to £500m  £7,620 
£500m to £750m  £10,540 
£750m to £1.25bn  £12,880 
£1.25bn to £2bn  £17,560 
Over £2bn  £23,420 

*Definition of 'Funds under Management'

Funds under Management' should be calculated by reference to the total value of investor commitments including any undrawn committed capital (capital would include both capital and loans). It includes capital drawn down to be used for management fees/costs. It does not include capital contributed by the firm and amounts which were drawn-down and subsequently returned to investors.