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Professional Services

Associate Member
Professional services membership includes a wide range of service providers to the private equity and venture capital industry.

Joining the BVCA

All BVCA membership applicants must be actively involved in private equity and venture capital, be of good standing in the private equity and venture capital community and agree to abide by the BVCA Member Code of Conduct and the BVCA Terms & Conditions.

Professional Services application form

Membership fees

Number of European Partners/
Executive Directors* 
12 month fee 
1 to 2 £4,300.00
3 to 10 £6,500.00
11 to 30 £9,300.00
31 to 50 £11,900.00
51 to 100 £14,350.00
101 to 150 £16,650.00
Over 150 £18,850.00

*In correspondence to the General Partner fee measure of European funds under management, the total number of partners across Europe geographically applies to a partnership firm and the number of Executive Directors applies to companies. The focus is not limited to the number of partners/executive directors in private equity teams or to the UK.
Further information


 +44 (0)20 7492 0400