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BVCA Manifesto for Growth

Publish Date 8 May 2024
Categories Industry Value
The private equity and venture capital (private capital) industry is a key partner for driving UK economic growth. Already backing businesses that contribute 6% of UK GDP, the industry has a stock of £145bn that is expected to be invested in the next 3-5 years. If we can attract this capital to the UK, we can drive economic growth.

As we approach the General Election, getting the right policies in place to maximise the industry’s investment in UK businesses can help these businesses to grow, enhance productivity, and create the good jobs that the UK desperately needs.

These policies must be guided by overarching principles which promote the UK as an international destination for investment.

It is vital that policies and regulation are guided by the principles of a stable economy, world class standards that are proportionally applied, competitive advantages to maintain scale and breadth of talent, and predictable policy frameworks for growth sectors.

With an investment ecosystem guided by these principles, the private capital industry stands ready to help the UK achieve the growth it desperately needs. This Manifesto outlines six areas of opportunity for the next Government to bolster economic growth and attract inward investment through private capital in the UK.

  • Stable Foundations for Growth
  • Investing Pensions for Growth
  • Future-proof the Economy for Growth
  • Innovation for Growth
  • Financial Services Sector for Growth
  • Workforce for Growth

The opportunities for reform offer solutions, guided by principles for competitive investment, that will benefit the UK economy, across regions and sectors by making the UK the best place in the world to start and grow a business. Ahead of the next General Election, this manifesto sets out the policies that the BVCA believes should be implemented by whoever forms the next Government.

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