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Publish Date 3 Nov 2022
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This report has been produced by the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (“BVCA”) to demonstrate the activities of our members in 2021. The statistics in this report are largely drawn from the BVCA’s Investment Activity Study, a detailed and comprehensive survey of our members’ activity in the year, covering fundraising, business investments and business exits.

With a significant presence in the UK, developed over nearly 40 years, private equity and venture capital provide companies with the finance and know-how to deliver sustainable business growth. Active ownership, over the medium to long term, delivers economic and social value to those involved in the businesses (from employees, management and owners on the one hand, to customers and suppliers on the other) and a wide group of stakeholders (from local communities and local and regional economies, to national policy makers focused on issues such as climate change, diversity and inclusion and social justice).

Both private equity and venture capital are focused on delivering sustainable growth for the companies in which they invest: venture capital firms typically support early stage and younger companies, holding minority stakes in the businesses, while private equity firms typically acquire controlling stakes in more established businesses.

In this report we look at the story of investment in Scotland in 2021: how the BVCA’s members invested in businesses of all shapes and sizes, across all parts of the economy and across the entirety of the nation.

"Scotland is a nation teeming with innovative businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs. For example, the tech ecosystems in Glasgow and Edinburgh are now ranked amongst the top 5 in the United Kingdom. Private capital firms, of all shapes and sizes, are alive to the many fantastic opportunities available to fund and support Scotland."

"This report demonstrates how the private capital industry is investing in Scotland’s businesses of today and the businesses of the future, playing its part in addressing the climate crisis, making people’s lives better and making a significant contribution to the economy in Scotland and the whole UK."

Charlie Troup, BVCA Chair 2022/2023, Managing Partner, Duke Street Capital

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