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Vision 2022: Leaders driving growth

Publish Date 2 Dec 2022
Categories Vision Series
The BVCA has been championing exceptional management teams, backed by our members, for over a decade through the Management Team Awards initiative. The initiative has evolved to the Vision Series, reflecting the changing world that we live and work in.

Vision 2022, in collaboration with Grant Thornton, is a celebration of great teams building businesses. The initiative demonstrates that our members invest in businesses of all shapes and sizes, across all parts of the economy and the nations & regions of the UK. The 15 companies recognised have performed exceptionally well against our four recognition themes of competitiveness, growth, innovation and ESG commitments.

In this publication we further highlight four of the top 15 companies, representing each investment stage: early stage, scale-up, medium-sized, and large businesses.

We are further delighted to highlight numerous companies that stood out as ‘Ones to watch’, and to continue following their journey with the support of private capital.

We are proud to champion these businesses. They demonstrate the economic, the social and the public value that our members bring to the economy and the country.

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