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Vision 2023: Leaders driving growth

Publish Date 22 Nov 2023
Categories Vision Series
Vision 2023, in partnership with Grant Thornton, is more than the celebration of exceptional teams backed by private capital. It’s a celebration of their innovation, growth, exemplary ESG commitments, ambition, creativity and competitiveness. The initiative highlights the incredible range of businesses that our members support across different sectors, sizes and nations and regions of the UK.

Against a challenging backdrop of rising inflation and interest rates, supply chain issues and the impact of the war in Ukraine, businesses needed to adapt and navigate new challenges in 2022. We are proud to recognise 14 exceptional companies, who showed vision and the lasting value that the investment and support of their investors brought in 2022.

We are pleased to highlight our National Winners, four of the top 14 companies, representing each investment stage: early stage, scale-up, medium-sized, and large businesses. We are further delighted to highlight numerous companies that stood out as ‘Ones to watch’, and we continue following their journey with the support of private capital.

Case studies are integral to all aspects of the BVCA’s work in representing the UK’s private equity and venture capital industry. These success stories are indispensable as we continue to engage with politicians, parliamentarians, policymakers and other external stakeholders, to demonstrate our industry’s contribution to growth, innovation, talent, competitiveness and sustainability across the UK.

We would like to express our gratitude to Grant Thornton, our long-term partner of the initiative and the judging advisory panel who assisted with the assessment of the submissions. We would also like to thank our members who took part in nominating their teams and sharing the success stories.

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