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Investment Activity

The BVCA Research team compiles and publishes benchmark investment activity data each year for the UK private capital industry from our Investment Activity Survey.

Our annual survey captures details of the investments, divestments, and fundraising undertaken by BVCA full member investment firms each year, including investment information broken down across industry sectors, financing and investment stages, and UK regions.

BVCA Report on Investment Activity 2020: Investing with Integrity

Using data from the Investment Activity Survey and case studies from across our membership, we tell the story of private capital in 2020, how the industry responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and supported businesses and jobs right across the UK. Read our Investing with Integrity report here.

Some key findings from the 2020 survey include:
  • BVCA members now support more than 5,000 UK businesses – responsible for over 1 million jobs – right across the United Kingdom, with 1,300 of these businesses receiving investment in 2020.
  • Almost 90% of the businesses receiving private equity or venture capital support last year were small or medium sized – employing 250 or fewer people.
  • Our members invested in a record number of firms outside London in 2020. More than 860, or 66% of all businesses that received backing, were not headquartered in the capital, making it clear that private capital is driving prosperity right across the country.
  • BVCA members invested £25.1bn globally in 2020, with £9.5bn – or more than one third – finding its way into UK businesses.

The full, aggregated set of statistics gathered from our members can be found in our Report on Investment Activity 2020 chart book. For those interested in analysing the data, an excel spreadsheet with all the numbers from the chartbook can also be found here.

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