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" The course was extremely insightful and educational. The course director was clear and concise, and very considerate of the attendees. "
Jo Ajala, Cinven
In-house training delegate
" The course content was really useful and the course director explained things very clearly at an appropriate pace and kept the course engaging. "
Rachel McLeish, Santander
In-house training delegate
" I thought the way the course director delivered the course was great and he pitched his explanations at the right level. "
Sarah Barnes, Cinven
In-house training delegate
" The course was a good introduction to some quite abstract concepts. A lot more technical concepts make sense now. "
Analyst, Rede Partners
In-house training delegate

In-house training

Bring personalised BVCA training to you and access the industry-leading training suite with our bespoke in-house training programmes tailored to the needs of your talent.
Whether your firm is working remotely or has returned to the office, enrich the skill set of your team through a tailored training solution, delivered by the BVCA and a leading industry expert. From support team courses, such as Introduction to Private Equity, to courses catering to those with industry experience, our training suite offers a variety of courses to meet your needs, whether that is in person or online.

What's included
  • Industry-leading trainer brought to you live at your convenience
  • Bespoke, premium programmes meeting specific learning criteria
  • Enriched learning with case studies based on real-life scenarios specific to your firm

The benefits
  • Bring your team together to focus on the importance of collaboration and increase awareness of roles within your organisation
  • A tailored and cost-effective alternative to placing delegates on a public course
Why not consult with a trainer today to discuss your training needs, with no commitment to purchase. We would love to hear from you. Contact the BVCA Training Team to arrange a free consultation.

Are you looking to take the next steps in your fund management career?

Introducing the BVCA Fund Management Career Toolkit, our comprehensive, interactive guide to help you identify the crucial knowledge, skills and attributes private equity and venture capital firms look for in a Partner, Investment Director, Manager and Analyst.


The BVCA is an accredited provider of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Our open and e-Learning courses are approved by the CPD Certification Service and carry CPD learning hours.

In-house training

Enrich the skillset of your team at a time and location convenient to you with our tailored in-house training solution. All the above courses are available for in-house training.

Further information

For further information about our courses or anything on this page please contact BVCA training.