Beyond the Pandemic: The Lasting Impact of Hybrid Learning

Publish Date 2 Feb 2024
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As the world settles into post-pandemic reality the question lingers: is hybrid teaching a permanent learning solution and does this blend of in-person and virtual learning still hold an attractive sway over learners?

A recent 2023 CIPD report on Learning and Development (L&D) behaviour states that while face-to-face learning remains a steady option, 48% of respondents report an increase in the use of digital learning solutions. There are still some compelling arguments for hybrid learning including:

  • It offers a blend of educational experiences, catering to diverse learning styles and needs across multiple formats.
  • Digital learning continues to be attractive due to its flexibility and it can cater to individual paces and preferences.
  • Geographical boundaries become irrelevant in the virtual classroom, promoting L&D as a truly global opportunity and bringing learners together with their peers from around the globe.

However, digital fatigue is a challenge as we all strive to find a balance between our online and offline selves. A balance needs to be offered by organisations to ensure employees benefit from both the ease, convenience, and cost effectiveness of digital and the unique personal and networking benefit of in person training.

Overall the evidence provides insight into future investment with 38% of respondents expecting their use of digital or online solutions to increase in the next 12 months. Hybrid learning is here to stay and digital learning offers a real opportunity for remote, global, and learners across a range of varying experience, to develop their learning and development pathways at their convenience.

BVCA Training continues to offer blended learning solutions for members across the training portfolio. We offer an array of classroom courses and digital learning through to bespoke training solutions. To discuss your specific requirements with a member of our team, please contact Jordan Crossfield. The full training calendar can be found here.

Jordan Crossfield
Training Manager, BVCA

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