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BVCA members within the impact investment industry and the broader market

The table below shows the BVCA members who identify as impact investors and the development stage at which they typically invest.

Key goals at different stages:

  • Developing the company’s mission and strategy
  • Helping to design and build its initial products, transforming a vision into reality
Start-up/Early stage:
  • Developing the company’s products/ go-to-market strategy and funding initial marketing
  • Supporting the business to build its networks, mobilise its resources, formation of networks and providing access to funds and investors, enabling the company to come to market
  • Growing and expanding an established company, driving profitability
  • Building the team
  • Funding increased production capacity, product development and marketing
  • Supporting enhanced profitability and growth through the injection of capital, strategic and operational insights and talent

The growth of the impact investment market

Sizing the impact investment market is not easy, because there are such a wide range of investors operating across the spectrum of the ‘impact economy’.

The most recent estimate by the Global Impact Investing Network (based on input from 1,300 investors across all asset classes around the world) pegs the global market at $502 billion of assets. That’s more than twice the equivalent figure the GIIN reported in 2018, highlighting the rapid recent growth of this investment approach.

We can see a similar trend in private equity and venture capital in the UK by looking at Beauhurst data on the deal activity of self-identified impact investors between 2011 and 2019. The total value of these deals will significantly understate the actual size of the impact investing market, since it does not include other funds who also invest in the impact economy, or who deliver measurable social and environmental benefits as part of a broader investment strategy. However, what this data does illustrate is the growing popularity of impact investing, and the increasing engagement from investors.

The data shows that:
  • Total deal value was £1.05 billion, with an average deal size of £3.2 million.
  • The top 10 companies accounted for 4.2% of transactions, but 58% of total transaction value.
  • Almost half of these deals were at the Seed stage, making it the most common category.
  • There has been a steady growth in funding over the last years, with total deal value almost tripling since 2016.
The energy sector accounted for the most deals, while the technology sector saw the highest average deal size, as shown in the graph below.

Source: Beauhurst
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