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10 Steps to Net Zero: Private Capital in Action

Publish Date 15 Nov 2021
Categories ESG

This report has been produced by the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association to highlight the action that private equity and venture capital are taking, right now, to help protect the planet.

Following COP26, the discussions around what business is going to do to tackle climate change will increase with fervour.

It is clear that private equity and venture capital is committed to playing a leading role on our collective path to Net Zero. We are delighted to showcase several fantastic businesses that taking action now.

Every single case study in this report features a company that is working in its own innovative way to combat climate change, reduce carbon emissions and safeguard our world against rising temperatures.

From investing in the low carbon energy solutions we know work, to investing in new low carbon energy solutions to make them work.

From leading the way for sustainable consumer products across the globe to adapting urban transport in a sustainable way.

From re-imagining what’s possible for low carbon transport to working together to set a path for the industry to do more…

private equity and venture capital are involved.

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