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Diversity & Inclusion in Limited Partner Investment teams

Publish Date 28 May 2024
Categories Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)
Focusing specifically on the UK based investment teams within Limited Partners, this research provides an indicative understanding of gender and ethnicity dynamics within a crucial segment of the private capital industry.

Data was collected via a survey sent to BVCA Limited Partner member firms. Limited Partner firms who are not BVCA members were also welcome to participate. Data was requested on all investment team members who spend over 50% of their time working on private capital investment.

This research was supported by a steering group composed of representatives from influential Limited Partners and organisations dedicated to diversity and inclusion, including Level 20 and Diversity VC.

The research approach included running two focus groups, providing respondents with a platform to share insights on recruitment, promotion, retention processes, and the overall cultural landscape within their firms and the industry. This qualitative dimension enriches the research findings, offering a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities faced by women and individuals from diverse backgrounds in the Limited Partners’ space.

The study consisted of 31 survey responses from Limited Partner firms, covering 804 private capital professionals in the UK.

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