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Enabling Start-ups to Measure and Improve ESG Performance

Publish Date 31 Mar 2022
Author Anonymous
Categories ESG

The BVCA supports the member led ESG_VC initiative to help early-stage businesses develop strategies and implement actions to reduce their climate impact, improve workforce diversity and improve business governance

The inaugural report on the ESG performance of European start-ups, with insights on 225 portfolio companies by 11 leading VC funds, shares the findings from the pilot phase of the initiative in 2021. The data was analysed by the BVCA research team and shows how performance on environmental, social / diversity and governance issues improves with scale, as well as highlighting differences between sectors. Read the report to learn how European start-ups are incorporating ESG into their journeys.

At the BVCA, we’re proud to be a part of the ESG_VC Steering Committee, supporting this industry initiative to help tomorrow’s industry leaders adopt best practices on climate, diversity and governance from day one.

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