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Women in Limited Partners 2019

Publish Date 14 Jun 2019
Categories Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

In this report, the BVCA and Level 20 worked together to identify female representation in Limited Partner (LP) organisations. This is a diverse group and includes large fund of funds with direct investment activities as well as its fund investment operations, and firms operating in the secondaries market buying both positions in private equity funds as well as equity stakes in private companies.

It is a strategic priority for the BVCA and the mission of Level 20 to increase the participation of women in the industry and encourage their representation in senior roles throughout all parts of the UK private equity and venture capital industries. As a first step, it is vital to have a robust data set to enable progress to be tracked.

While the results show a higher level of female representation in Limited Partners, it is clear that much work is needed in this area and gender diversity should remain high on the industry’s agenda.

We would like to thank the research team at the BVCA and the Level 20 volunteers for their dedication and enthusiasm in producing this significant piece of work.

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