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BVCA Governance

The BVCA Governance Handbook provides directors, members and employees of the BVCA with a summary of our governance structure. This includes information on how our Council, Committees and Advisory Groups are constituted and is supplementary to the Articles of Association.

BVCA council, committees and advisory groups

Around 200 prominent industry figures serve as BVCA committee and advisory group members and participate in shaping our policy recommendations, informing our research and publications and growing our member services. The BVCA Executive relies upon the wealth of knowledge and experience our broad range of committees provide.

BVCA committee and advisory group members are drawn from representatives of all factions of the BVCA membership including fund managers, lawyers, accountants, investor relations professionals and other professional services advisers. The committees and advisory groups meet on a regular basis to advise the BVCA Executive on policy decision-making and action and are fundamental to the BVCA’s effectiveness and authority when communicating with international media, publishing research and analysis, or responding to public policy decisions. They also offer guidance, knowledge and counsel on specific areas of concern or interest to the wider BVCA membership. Select a committee or advisory group from the table below.